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Establishing a Safety Culture in your Organization

FMEA on the Frontline

Root Cause Analysis for Healthcare Quality Managers

Protecting and Disclosing Proactive Risk Assessments

Strategic Risk Control

We first assess your current set of conditions and then evaluate your resources. We only make recommendations and develop action plans that are practical, achievable, and measurable.

Risk Management Strategic Planning

Physical Facility Assessments

Patient Safety Implementation

Risk Control

RCA and Hazard Assessments

Patient Safety Leadership

David M. Sine, CSP, ARM, CPHRM is President and Founder of SafetyLogic Systems. We assist healthcare organizations to improve patient safety outcomes by teaching our clients how to identify, analyze, and mitigate their risk exposures.

"Dave is very knowledgeable in all aspects of healthcare risk management and provides a wide variety of experience in risk and safety. Dave has a unique ability as a communicator and gets the job done by his understanding of the art of training the trainer."

-Jerry Rakes, VP of Risk Management LifePoint Health System


Built Environment
Business Continuation Plan

Center for Health Design, Healthcare Design Conference: 2017, Orlando Fl, “Ligature Attachment and Suicide Risk Assessment on Behavioral Health Inpatient Units"

Center for Health Design, Behavior Health Workshop: 2017, Washington DC “Suicide Risk Assessment on Behavioral Health Inpatient Units”

American College for Health Design, Summer Leadership Summit (SLS) 2017, Chicago, “Ethics and Architecture”

The Joint Commission (TJC) 2014, 2018, Chicago “Risk Assessments in Behavior Health “

American Society for Hospital Risk Management (ASHRM) 2017, Indianapolis “Behavior Health Risk Assessments”

American Society for Hospital Risk Management (ASHRM) 2018, Nashville TN, “Ethics Risk and Patient Centered Care”

American Society for Hospital Risk Management (ASHRM) 2013, “Enough already. Where’s my ERM Dashboard?”

Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management (SCAHRM), Annual Conference 2018, Palm Springs CA, “Risk and Ethics”

Department of Defense, U. S. Army MEDCOM Safety Conference, 2017, 2018 San Antonio TX “Risk Assessments”

Department of Defense, Veterans Health Administration Joint Safety Conference, 2018 Orlando FL, “Safety as a Nobel Profession”

University of Michigan, Health Learning Systems, 2018, “Ethics of Large Scale Medical Disclosures”

American Society for Hospital Risk Management (ASHRM) 2015, “The Path to Improved Outcomes: Integrating Risk Assessment with Risk Control”

List of Publications

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